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Brandon Sullivan

Illustration and Design

Brandon Sullivan is a talented illustrator who has made drawing a big part of his life for as long as he can remember. Brandon has developed this passion into Admic Void, his custom clothing brand, and countless illustrations for design work and private commissions. Brandon learns through experimentation, understanding what works, and building on those concepts. Despite years perfecting his craft, Brandon enjoys his never-ending growth and evolution as an artist.

Jo Kaiser

Mixed Media and Design

Jo Kaiser is a successful artist and art consultant living in beautiful Kingscliff, NSW.  Jo is particularly known for her brilliant abstract expressionism with numerous sales, commissions, and exhibitions on the Gold Coast and in Tweed. Colour, movement, depth and mood are significant to Jo and move her to create; with these elements in mind, Jo draws on her surroundings, experiences, and memories to inspire her artwork and design. 


Contemporary Art and Murals

Courney Sugden, better known as Korto, is a quickly emerging name in Australian contemporary art. Korto is a freelance artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, specialising in complex, large-scale abstract designs.  Korto distils images from real life into fragmented collages of painted figures and intricate line drawings. Her bold colour choices and dramatic colour blocking technique give her paintings the intense, chaotic feel of neo-expressionism. Korto is quickly becoming recognised internationally by participating in numerous exhibitions and selling her work in both Australia and South Africa.


Murals and Design

Michael Motteram-Smith, AKA Shmick, is an emerging artist and illustrator working on the Gold Coast. Casting his hand across various mediums from murals to music labels, sculpture to fine art, charity projects to clothing brands, Michael is a multifaceted creative. His style encompasses an enriched tapestry of traditional, grunge and modern, representing all global cultural sectors and perspectives. When working with clients, Michael prides himself on listening as well as communicating throughout the process to ensure a breathtakingly stunning result.


Murals and Design 

Dave Bell, AKA V E I L, is an underground street artist who's work has been stunning Brisbane audiences for over a decade.  With an eye for design and a passion for the creative process, V E I L's pieces are thoroughly considered and stylised in a definitive way. V E I L has painted in the Brisbane Street Art Festival, received a 9 page feature in a national street art magazine, and completed several commissions in Southeastern Queensland. V E I L prefers to work in the street, where he says his art belongs.

Kellie North

Conceptual Photographer and Visual Artist

Kellie North is a highly-regarded conceptual photographer and visual artist from Queensland, Australia. She first picked up an SLR camera in 2001, and quickly fell in love with photography in all of its forms. Earning her stripes on film, Kellie graduated with formal qualifications from The Photographic Institute of Australia in 2014. Today Kellie merges traditional photographic techniques with digital art to produce painterly images often described as highly emotive, whimsical and evocative.

Will Fettig

Street Art Photographer and Web Design

Will Fettig is an international street art photographer, web designer, and writer from the United States. His move to Australia a year ago was jarring, but he is quickly becoming integrated in the Australian street art community. In the past 3 years Will has honed his street art photography skills on three continents; whether finding intricate masterpieces hidden in the Amazon rain forest or photographing Gold Coast artists, Will searches for the beautification of unexpected spaces.

Siamese Pizza Cat

Tattooist and Street Artist

Chris Galvin, AKA Siamese Pizza Cat or Mad Rooter, has been an artist since birth. From a young age Chris was smearing crayons on walls which evolved into constant drawing and painting as a youngster. This passion for art has evolved into a mastery of the spray can and over two decades spent honing his craft. Chris is an acclaimed Brisbane tattooist but loves the opportunity to paint and get creative with a big, blank wall and lots of colours.


Fine Arts and Design 

Mindy Smith, AKA mindygirL, is a lump of clay constantly being formed by many hearts, hands, faces and places. Mindy firmly believes that, "Art isn't something you do, it's something you be." She has seen her artistic journey move from photography on canvas, to painting, to mixed media, with her work now involving all of those skills in various projects. Mindy has a unique, signature style to her art and has been known to sell out shows when exhibiting on the Gold Coast.

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