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Call for Artists


The Petri Dish - Breeding Culture loves supporting Gold Coast and Tweed Heads artists by providing opportunities for everybody to make some money and have fun. Petri Dish artists will receive exclusive opportunities to perform or showcase their works at PDBC events.



Murals and street art projects on public property or businesses often require $20 million of liability insurance coverage. By becoming a Petri Dish artist, you will be covered by our insurance and be able to accept formal projects.


The Petri Dish - Breeding Culture is approached on a daily basis with questions about design, printing, art, and mural projects. Petri Dish artists will be presented with opportunities that fit their skill set.


Artist showcases in a relaxed environment increase natural interaction with your art and motivate sales from the customers enjoying it on a daily basis. The Petri Dish - Breeding Culture strategically collaborates with businesses in the community to showcase your art to wider audiences while adding beauty to the business.

We showcase artists’ work over the period of two to three months with a 20 percent commission on any works sold.

For more information about joining The Petri Dish - Breeding Culture please send us an email and tell us a little about your experience with a few photos from recent projects. We look forward to hearing from you!

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